Functional Anatomy: Some of the Bony Conversations of the Lower Body

This is a blog for anyone interested in being more mindful and informed about the ways that the Grounded Support offered by the Earth communicates itself through your whole body.

This is also a blog intended especially for any of the folks who have been part of the Summer 2019 or will plan to join me in Autumn 2019 Mindful Move Groove as we have explored and continue to move with the intention of balance, strength and softness.

Taking time to learn new information about the way your anatomy works functionally is an important part of being mindful in your body and movement. Understanding or believing or imagining how the femur bone communicates to the pelvic bones and the pelvic bones then communicate to the vertebra sets an intention for those parts to move with more support, integration and ease!

Moving with more support, integration and ease. Living Life More Fully! Exploring safely in the realm of movement! This is what Embodiment is all about!