As you scroll through the tabs of what I offer, you will find information about individualized sessions as well as about something that I call “movement forms.” These are the basic templates for the different ways I can facilitate you to explore and experience the enlivened and integrated possibilities of embodiment in a safe and supportive environment. Whether we are talking about the physical body, the mental body, the spiritual body or the other myriad of ways we might consider that we have a body, as Embodiment LLC I support you in learning about your Self at your pace and in your way. To learn more about what I mean by embodiment, you can visit some of my attempts to verbalize my ever-evolving definition by visiting my blog here.

The differences in the various ways I offer my work involve the size (individual vs group) and the intent with which we approach the work/play/exploration.

The individualized sessions are tailored to you. Together we will develop a plan for shifting some pattern you have identified in the movement of your bodymindspirit that you would like to explore and/or change. Exploration and change can be initiated through many different portals. Laban, along with many others, believed that consciously making a change in one’s physical movement pattern results in a shift in the quality and content of one’s mental and emotional body, and likewise a shift in one’s thought pattern affects one’s physical and emotional state. Depending on the challenge you bring to your individual work, we might explore exercises that enhance your ability to notice your experience of physical body parts as they move or the existence of persistent thoughts “moving” across your brain. We could develop a practice to support you in more easily noticing patterns of body sensations or involuntary actions that are evoked in specific situations. We might create a short piece of dance that allows you to safely move your experience of a long-held story or we might practice breathing safely into spaces in your body or your life that have gone to sleep. The possibilities are endless…and exciting!

If you are seeking more enlivened relationship with yourself and your life and would like to explore this in an individual, one-on-one setting, then please read more about individualized sessions.

Movement forms are a label that I have given to the various templates I have created for exploring the aspects of the large, amazing framework of Laban Bartenieff Movement Analysis (LBMA). In these offerings I invite you to explore and enliven your Self, similar to in the individual sessions, however, the events created from the various movement forms are intended to be done within a group format and each form approaches the same body of work (LBMA) from a different perspective. For example, in one we may focus on your expressive movement, which is a very different experience from focusing on one’s functional movement or one’sconscious use of the Space and environment, and yet both have the ability to deepen your experience of living. Allowing your Spirit body to lead you in movement can be a very different experience than moving with a more mental or sensory intent; however, each brings more life to you and your body!

Being more embodied during drumming, dancing or yoga does not end when you put away the drum, or the mat. Nor does it vanish when you leave the dance floor. Being aware of your whole self in any part of your day can bring more integrated movement within yourself and your interaction with others and the environment into your every moment.

Please check out the Upcoming Events tab to find out more about what I am offering or hosting in the upcoming months. Please also continue to check out the detail of what I provide in this What I Offer tab. This tab is the key to foundation of everything I offer as Embodiment LLC. Thank you so much for your interest!