Embodiment LLC is the professional home of Victoria Day, CMA (Certified Movement Analyst) and somatic movement guide.  Victoria is based in Columbia, MO; however, she travels throughout the United States, bringing her unique approach to movement to people in many sorts of communities.

Through her work as Embodiment LLC, Victoria invites you to join her to gently, incrementally explore the limits and possibilities of how you move in your life.  By discovering your own (often unconscious) ideas about your body, how it moves and how it is moved, you can make more informed choices about your actions and responses to life.  

To consciously experientially explore your habits of thought, attitude, perceptions and movement is to open yourself to possibilities of more self-awareness and embodiment.  Allow yourself to nurture your own escapes from standardized modes of behavior!  Safely find and feed your wild alive moving Self!

Victoria offers a wide range of  opportunities to move and be moved.  Whether offering individual or group sessions, or inviting you to try more choreographed movement sequences or more somatic or energetically inspired movement exploration, Victoria approaches all that she offers with the intention of safely supporting you to find your personal meaning in your work, your play, your walk and your dance.

She is available to meet with you as an individual as well as to create group experiences especially designed for your specific desires and intentions.

To find out more about individual or group sessions, please contact Victoria.   If you are intrigued about something you see listed below, but do not yet find a descriptor when you click the link, please ask!   Below are the movement forms and event concepts that Victoria currently offers:


You can find additional information about some of Victoria's upcoming events in the Columbia area (as well as those of many other talented folks) here