Fun, bodymindful awareness and personal empowerment are some of what you can expect from Mindful Move Groove, a movement form created by Victoria as a playful way to help all sorts of people be more physically active and to become more comfortable in their movement abilities and choices.

NJ, 74, long time body worker/player says, "After our sessions I come out energized and more aware of how I am carrying myself.  I find my movement is more smooth and I'm not carrying my weight so high.  The class is lively, and the music makes me want to dance dance dance even while seated."

Victoria’s experience is that there are a lot of places that one can practice body awareness and mindfulness while being still and silent.  There are also a lot of places that offer exercise classes designed to get you moving, but with the expectation of body parts moving quickly without much time given for body awareness or self-care.  After searching to no avail for an enjoyable “exercise” class designed to enliven, strengthen and develop bodymindful awareness gently and energetically, Victoria created Mindful Move Groove.

Ray 56, dealing with cerebral palsy since birth. says "I feel like mindful move Groove has helped me with flexibility and is rewiring my brain to allow me to function at the highest possible level!"

No experience or specific level of movement ability is required.  Dress in layers and for comfort while moving.  Please wear rubber soled shoes that support you while you move.  Remember your water bottle! 

Mindful Move Groove is designed to be done standing or seated, and all the “exercise” sequences can be adjusted in realtime to meet the needs of every participant present.

Susie, 54 year-old participant says "Mindful Move Groove is a meditative gentle-movement exercise class. Victoria creates a safe and non-judgmental space where people of varying physical ability and fitness can learn about, explore, and rediscover body awareness and movement. The class has increased my strength, flexibility, and presentness.  I really enjoy the diverse playlist and fun choreography

Victoria has experience offering Mindful Move Groove as a private event to a wide range of different populations, including folks with dementia/Alzheimer’s, senior citizens with limited mobility, folks with chronic illness, children and, even, folks at a wedding reception!

Victoria currently offers Mindful Move Groove at Heart, Body and Soul in Columbia, MO as a event open to the public.

 If you are interested in inquiring about a private group session of Mindful Move Groove designed specifically for you, please contact Victoria directly.