"Peace is not the absence of war.  
It is the time when we will all bring ourselves closer to each other
closer to building a structure that is unique within ourselves
Because we have finally come to Peace within ourselves."

 -Gil Scott-Heron, Work for Peace 

Victoria's philosophy is that our human experience is lived through our bodies.  Whether we are exploring our stories, thoughts, sensations, emotions, intuitions, actions or relationship with the Divine, we experience it all through the body.  She believes that health comes from practicing the intention of having a integrated experience of all of these aspects of the body.   To bring heightened awareness to the whole body with all of its parts and potentials is to open oneself up to more possibilities and more resilience in one's life.

Victoria comes to this work with an understanding of what it means to live with and to live without embodied consciousness. She understands making choices based on outside information as compared to internal knowledge and what is is like to feel a lack of ownership of one’s own life as well as to be fully within one’s experience.  She knows what it is like to be broken by movement and what is like to be healed by movement. She believes that by learning to listen and observe with informed curiosity and by taking opportunities to play with movement, sensation and ideas in a safe, non-judgmental environment, we can expand grace, wholeness, pleasure and ease in our lives.  Intrigued by the connections between movement, feelings, thoughts, moods and relationships, and the ways we can shift one area when we make changes in another, Victoria has spent more than a decade studying and learning about health, movement and the human experience.  She has immersed herself in serious academic and  professional practical-application training  in the fields of somatic conscious movement, mental health, functional anatomy, and movement analysis as well as an extensive commitment to her personal faith path.

Victoria has been an active mover all of her life (although she didn't really enjoy dance classes as a child!)  She first learned about the healing power of movement as part of her ecstatic spiritual faith path: this intuitive creative perspective of movement continues to inform her work .  Victoria has facilitated movement experiences for a wide variety of people in diverse locations since the mid-1990s.  She has a Masters in Professional Counseling from Stephens College in Columbia, MO where her thesis evaluated the existing research on the relationship between movement/dance and mood, especially for people with cognitive disorders.  She is a 2017 graduate from the Laban Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS) in Brooklyn, NY.  Her thesis project with LIMS observed and analyzed the value of internal and external somatic awareness by a mental health professional with an adult survivor of trauma.   Victoria is currently working towards the status of Registered Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA. Most recently, Victoria completed her training as a Spiritual Circle Mother with her mentors of the Progressive Women’s Spiritual Counsel in mid-Winter 2019, further dedicating herself to helping others to embody love, creativity and health as part of their integrated whole.


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