Participatory art    -     Community-created Experiences   -     Art in Motion

An opportunity to collaboratively escape from standardized modes of behavior

Based on a movement form called Movement Choir or Sacred Communal Dancing. 

A Movement Choir combines the joy and freedom to dance your Self within the power of the group, moving to a common intention, benefiting both the mover and the observer.  (There is a nice write-up about Movement Choirs available here.) 

WHO CAN DO THIS?  If you can breathe, you can be a part of any of the events created as part of this project!   The Movement Choir form invites people of all ages, backgrounds and of all levels of experience and ability to join together in movement for a common intention.

WHY DO WE DO THIS?   Rudolf Laban (1879 – 1958) early 20th century choreographer and movement theorist believed that this collaborative structure promoted and satisfied some basic core needs of human society: “sharing, relating and creating together.”   

Through the events offered as part of this project individuals are invited to unite in a common place, at a common time to participate collectively in a collaboratively created piece of moving art inspired/supported by a commonly held intention.  To see some examples of various movement choir events, visit here or here or here.

HOW WILL YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO?  Each event will have a set of instructions so that participants know how to be prepared and what to expect.  You can visit upcoming Embodiment events here.

IS THIS A PERFORMANCE?  Although there may be people observing us, our purpose is not to perform for those humans, but to include them in our creation.  We create through community movement a conscious connection between ourselves, our environment and our intention. 

WHY IS IT CALLED MANDALA COMMUNITY MOVEMENT?  Over the years I have often compared my performance art aesthetic to that of the sand mandala, and it continues to be true in the way I approach my work, especially in the form of the Movement Choir.  Like in creating a mandala, there is a purpose and structure that is often, usually representative of larger more universal patterns and concepts.  It involves movement and embodiment that is both physical and sacred.  It involves immersing into and transcending the "ordinary."  Like the sand mandala which is swept away at the end of its "performance" to represent the impermanence of all phenomena, and to show that everything that exists has a beginning, a Middle and an End, our performance art piece will exist only for this time and in this place and with the unique people who join in to be a part.  If you'd like to know more about sand mandalas, here is one resource:  Drepung Loseling Monks

WHERE?  WHEN?  If you have an idea you would like explored in this way, contact me and we can create something together for you, your community, your family, your office, your group; otherwise, check back to Upcoming Events.  Details will be included in any future specific Mandala Community Movement events!