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Mindful Move Groove - The Shape of Things

  • Heart Body and Soul 1004 West Worley Street Columbia, MO, 65203 United States (map)

Mindful Move Groove is a invitation to you to explore your physical movement choices with more awareness! Fun, bodymindful awareness, personal empowerment - these are all words participants have used to describe their experience.

In this session of Mindful Move Groove we will be playing with what I call “The Shape of Things” and we will be exploring the way the body changes Shape during movement. To give you a little taste, consider this:

  • when we are in the mode of Shape Flow, our movement relates to what is happening within us - this can be in response to our Breath (see last week’s class notes for more on moving with the Breath) or can be moving in more mundane habitual actions, like shrugging, shivering, rubbing ourselves for comfort.

  • when we move with the mode of moving Directionally, our movement is directed to some place in our environment, such as pointing to give directions.

  • and when we Carve Shapes with our movement, we are movement in a way that interacts with the volume of the environment, like wrapping your hand around a warm cup of coffee in the morning before you bring it to your mouth to drink or using the arms to describe the size of something that is not actually present!

Join me to Shape, to enliven yourself from your toes to your crown chakra, to awaken your body as a whole moving system and as interworking systems, to learn to support yourself as you move in familiar and new ways, to laugh, give up your preciousness, mindfully move and groove and make merry! 

Using gentle deep somatic warm-ups and fun, choreographed movement set to upbeat, familiar music, you are invited to not just exercise your body but to do it with confidence, connection and integration!

Beginners welcome. No experience necessary.

Starting in 2019, we will meet to move ourselves WEEKLY on Thursdays at 1 p.m.!

Mindful Move Groove is the creation of local Movement Educator and Facilitator Victoria Day.  Any choreography used is original, inspired by popular and classic dance moves and informed by integrated movement fundamentals.  Fun AND Healthy! 

All the activities are designed to enhance resilience, strength, balance, mood and body awareness without high speed or high intensity movement.  All of it can be done standing or seated, whichever works best for the individual participant.

Mindful Move Groove is accessible and beneficial to a wide range of populations, even those who believe they can't "dance!" or who have stopped dancing because of health concerns or physical limitations.  

To find out more about what to expect, visit my blog post here.

This is a Heart, Body and Soul hosted event so please pay at the register at Heart, Body and Soul

$10 drop-in/please arrive by 12:45 to pay!