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  • Grindstone Park 2011 Old Hwy 63 Columbia, MO (map)

Let’s meet at Grindstone Park to plan for and play with movement for the June 15th Global Water Dances local event!

In this meeting,

we will start out with a bit of connecting Flow movement.

We will then continue to create the opening ritual and the local movement piece right there on the banks of Grindstone Creek using the surrounding land, the bridge, and the water itself in our creative process. We welcome all creative people, we want voices, local movers, local music!

In the administrative part of the meeting, we will follow up on the details around possible small movement events and opportunities to share about Global Water Dances in preparation for the June 15th event (as discussed in the 4/20/19 meeting). We will discuss fundraising, promotion and sound system details! If publicity is your jam, please check out the section entitled: Publicity Tools at this link.

We will also share any information we have about the waters of Grindstone Creek and the related Hinkson Creek that inspires our local dance.

And we will move together!

Here is the video link and the written choreography for the performance art part of this event. We will be playing with/performing this The Story of Water movement choir at this meeting:

We will end the meeting at 11:30 with the participatory movements we will be sharing with the audience in June 15th event. You can find a video of this simple four part movement phrase here.

Please know that our goal with this event is to have fun while moving together and raising awareness about local water.

If you can breathe, you can join us in this movement. We welcome folks with all range of movement ability!