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Victoria on KOPN - INTERPLAY and Body Wisdom!

Join Victoria on KOPN’s own Women’s Issues, Women’s Voices to find out more about INTERPLAY, an active, creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body.

Joining Victoria in the studio will be Jennie Lannette Bedsworth and Colleta Eichenberger. Jennie is a local counselor who specializes in treating trauma, anxiety and PTSD. She is also the owner of The Counseling Palette in downtown Columbia.

Jennie uses Interplay and its body wisdom principles for her own self-care as well as into therapy with clients. She believes that combining techniques of cognitive therapy with body-based approaches helps clients get better faster. She is currently training to become a certified InterPlay leader.

She reports that many people say they find ease, peace, and relaxation through Interplay. 

Coletta is a teacher,dancer, activist, ordained minister, nationally certified massage therapist, and Reiki Master. She is a certified InterPlay leader and offers her unique blend of spirituality, InterPlay, and bodywork to those who seek wholeness and to live more joyful, grace-filled lives. She has been instrumental in forming community coalitions and a teen theater troupe dealing with adolescent health issues, sexuality, and HIV/AIDS education and prevention. As the mother of a teen with special needs, she is a tenacious advocate for every person's right to access resources and opportunities to fulfill their potential.

This promises to be a fun and interesting conversation!