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Embodied Communication Practice Group

  • provided upon RSVP Columbia, MO (map)

To “embody” myself means that I slow down and recognize that my body, my breath and tissue, my sensation of self and the environment, is always only in the present moment. To embody allows me to recognize my thoughts, emotions, and spirit in relation to my sensory body, in relation to the present.

Embodiment allows me to better understand my own needs, desires, thoughts, stories, and feelings.

Embodiment helps me to improve and enjoy my relationships with others, staying present even when we can’t see eye to eye.

Embodiment helps connect me to the environment--to be in touch with the earth under my feet, the air that my body breathes, the fire of the sun, and the pull of the waters.

To claim and practice embodiment is a radical form of activism, especially in these difficult times when my impulse and coping tool may be to shut down or turn away--or to be in a constant state of agitation

If this is of interest to you, please read on!

Inspired by her work as a Laban Movement Analyst and influenced by her studies of various somatic traditions, including Bartenieff's Movement Fundamentals, Aposhyan's BodyMind Psychotherapy and Levine's Somatic Experiencing, Victoria offers this monthly study group to support students or new professionals in any service field (counseling, massage, yoga,,pre-med, hair stylist, PT, etc). If you would like the opportunity to practice slowing down, staying present with the sensations of your own body and noticing your thoughts and actions while moving and speaking in relationship with others, please contact Victoria to join this private invitation study group!  Details will be sent upon request.

To make this affordable for students, there is no required flat fee:  there is a suggested donation of $15 - 20 for the two hours.

To find out more about Victoria, please visit: