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Express Yourself: Wrath and Aggression

  • Heart Body and Soul 1004 West Worley Street Columbia, MO, 65203 United States (map)

Our body is our home base.  It is the way in which we know all that we know.  It is the way we share ourselves with the world.  Being more aware of the sensations and information of the body and practicing our possible responses to these experiences with support in a safe environment helps us to learn how to better cope with the world and the unexpected! 

The intention we will be exploring in this Express Yourself is "Wrath and Aggression."   We will be taking our time to slowly and safely explore our experiences of the range of the emotion of Anger including Wrath, and we will be exploring possible active expressions of our emotions.

"It is important to let ourselves feel outrage rather than sanitize this raw emotion with spiritual speak or shame it as ignoble.  Yet if we harbor or act out of anger, it almost always poisons us, diminishing our credibility and harming others.  The late Thai Buddhist teacher Ajahn Chah recommended that we "catch emotions in the net of mindfulness, and then examine them before reacting."  Anger is a warning that something is invading and overwhelming us.  If we don't take heed, disorder and destruction will follow."
- From Don't Worry Be Angry

Although this event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, the intention is inspired by a collaboration with Suzan Franck LSCW and Tricia Dietrich as part of their four-month exploration into the Feminine Shadow Archetypes.  In the May - August Express Yourself events we will use movement to explore various of the feminine shadow qualities, reclaiming parts of our birthright as human beings that have been minimized and sometimes lost to us, regardless of gender.

Express Yourself is an opportunity to develop a deeper connection with your whole body.  It is a safe place and a committed time for you to gently explore how, where, when and what your body wants to express.     In this time and place, you have the opportunity to practice what you - body, mind, spirit -  desire to practice so that you can more resiliently choose when and how to express yourself in your every day life.

To find out more about this movement form, please click here.

Pre-registration is requested for this July event.  Future Express Yourself WILL REQUIRE pre-registration.  Please check future events for changes in registration detail.

$15 at the register of Heart Body and Soul.


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