Express Yourself is an opportunity to physically manifest concepts, to explore through physical movement that which lives in the mental, imaginative, creative and spiritual realms.

Express Yourself is a unique opportunity to discover more about the unconscious ways you move your beliefs and stories as you move through your daily life.  This movement form is built on and creates non-judgmental, safe, supportive space.  The intention is always to support embodied, safe healing around uncomfortable ideas and life patterns that no longer serve you.

 Express Yourself is inspired by one of the several overarching movement themes defined in LMA. These are themes of duality that we are constantly negotiating in our daily lives, often without any awareness we are doing so.   By choosing to consciously move with these themes, we expand our capacity for balance and wholeness.  If you are interested in reading more about the theme of Expression/Function, please visit my blog post here.

“In order for change to be successful, there must be a change in how you perceive yourself and how you choose to express yourself.”  -Karen Studd & Laura Cox, Everybody Is a Body

No experience or specific level of movement ability is required.  Victoria facilitates Express Yourself to be an accessible movement form to anyone and everyone who has a willingness and the curiosity to show up!

Dress in layers and for comfort while moving.  Victoria invites participants to move with feet bare on to the floor; however, soft-soled shoes can be worn for mover’s comfort.  

The movement form of Express Yourself asks you to move to all available levels and spaces that your body can be in, so dress so that you can stand, sit, lie down, wiggle, run, crouch and/or move in whatever way your body might desire to do.  

Express Yourself is currently offered when Spirit calls.  If you are interested in inquiring about a private group session of Express Yourself  created specifically for you and the concept you desire to explore, please contact Victoria directly.