Harmony and the Hoberman Sphere: Living Life More Fully with Space Harmony!

If you are interested in health, whether it is attaining it or keeping it, whether it is of the mental or physical type, and whether it applies to you as an individual or more widely organizational, I invite you to watch this video with a curious mind and then to read my response below.  I would LOVE for you to comment as well!

Here is the link to the video

What is interesting for me as a Certified Laban Movement Analyst (CMA) about what he says in this brief video about Systems Analysis is made so because I know that the Hoberman's Sphere is the result of the intersection of a Cube and an Octahedron.  This relationship of these geometric forms is important to me on several levels.

In Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) the Cube is the Platonic Solid that we use as our movement template for exploring CONSTANT CHANGE because the movement scales created from this geometric shape are always moving on a 3D Diagonal, which never includes a straight Vertical orientation. This is a challenge for humans, as we are very attached to our Vertical posture!

The Octahedron, on the other hand, is the movement template for exploring Stability because the movement scales created from this geometric form always assume the Vertical as one of the three orientations.

When we explore Space Harmony like we do in my Movement Fundamentals workshop that I call Moving Sacred Geometry we are inviting ourselves to move our bodies, A PHYSICAL STRUCTURE THAT CHANGES SHAPE AND FORM, in accessible ways that also gently nurture escapes from standardized modes of behavior.

Standardized modes of behavior are the movement patterns that we rarely consider or question until something goes awry.  These are also sometimes known as the basic activities of daily living.

When we EXPAND our awareness of our own movement capabilities through a practice like the scales offered in Laban's exploration of Space Harmony, we transform our perspective, expand our consciousness of what it means to be a fully alive human and deepen our resiliency and ability to respond to CHANGE!

This approach to life enrichment is one of the reasons why I resist when people try to call what I do dance because it simply is not just dance. Dance, in its many forms, is one aspect and one way of exploring the deep wisdom and complexity of what I have to offer as a CMA; however, LMA is an overall framework and approach to explore and expand one's abilities related to ALL movement, whether mental, emotional, spiritual, intuitive or physical, not only the act of dancing.

Space Harmon is specifically explored in the Movement Fundamentals workshop Moving Sacred Geometry; however, it is also present in some way as an inspirational and organizing principle in all of my offers, whether it is explicitly stated or not.  This is because living life more fully is not just a tag-line for me.  Supporting others to safely expand their awareness and ability to move themselves with more diversity in a wide-range of experiences IS what my work is all about.   Consciously actively exploring Laban's Space Harmony theory as a personal practice is one way I do this!

I do hope you will join me soon in some way for your own part of the exploration!