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Victoria on KOPN - Women, Art and Healing with Wildy Self

Join Victoria on KOPN’s own Women’s Issues, Women’s Voices to find out more about women, art and healing in this discussion with local artist and community-advocate Wildy Self of Wildy’s World

Wildy has been creating and teaching Fine Arts professionally for 25 years, often specializing in community MURALS. She began her career at the City Museum as Artist-in-Residence where she developed her passion for COLLABORATIVE and COMMUNITY centered art.

At Wildy’s World, she facilitates public and private groups in MURAL-making, Therapeutic Recreational Experiences, ART PLAYshops and unique ART experiences. This co-host has found these to be amazing opportunities for those who seek an energized PARTY atmosphere and/or CREATIVE Team Building.  

Wildy ‘s art-making focuses on Visions / Collaborations / Community and is centered on transforming, nurturing and healing our world culture by releasing spiritual loving energy and sharing it with the world.

Wildy experiences art as spiritual joy through inspirational learning and discovery


We hope you listen in while we talk about all this…and MORE!