What you can expect from the movement form Express Yourself  (five or more participants)

  • Conscious breathing and embodied warm-up.
  • Non-judgmental and safe facilitation and play.
  • A prompt related to an intention.  
    • Past prompts have included:  a short piece of music, a poem, a developmental pattern, an emotional state and a piece of art.  
    • Past intentions have embraced such diverse concepts as:  Trust, The Edge, Into and Out of the Core, and Yes/No/Maybe.
  • An invitation to be present with your body’s sensory response to the prompt and the experience.
  • An opportunity to translate your body’s experience of the prompt into and through color, shape, texture, size, rhythm, sound, movement and, sometimes, words.
  • Safely and slowly moving your body parts and whole body in both familiar and new patterns
  • Making the unconscious more conscious.
  • Inspiration, invitation, support.
  • An opportunity to play and enjoy moving your body
  • Learning to move together with others as a group
  • Integration and transition time to prepare you to move yourself back into your everyday world

What you might expect from the movement form Express Yourself  (less than five participants) -

  • see above
  • a group of four or less changes the energy of the form and offers the opportunity for a more personalized process specific to the participants present.  The form of Express Yourself with less than five participants is more similar to what Victoria offers in her individual private sessions.