to yield: an end of Summer, turning to Autumn blog post

Although I have had every intention of writing a new blog post long before this, I have found myself waylaid by too many ideas and too many wonderful yet demanding changes in my life.

This blog post came out of a writing I did for a post to Facebook about an
event I am hosting this week . I am sharing it as a blog post because I think it exemplifies the very process I am exploring in the post itself: letting go of an idea about what a blog post MUST be and, as a result, allowing myself to get exactly what I’ve desired all along, which is sharing with you, my lovely Embodiment community, some of the ideas about movement as they exist in my head. Ideas and thoughts about movement in all the ways it happens.

Here is the post as extracted from my Facebook page:

As I allow myself to be prepared for Wednesday's ritual movement, Yield: TranceforMotion shamanic movement, I find myself contemplating the sacrifice within the harvest, within the yield.

Not an external sacrifice like putting lamb (or man) on an altar...but internal sacrifice like in the Al-Anon slogan, "Let Go and Let God."

When we harvest we take something FROM something in order to have it for where we are moving TO. In order to harvest, we also must let go, allow, accept the change of Spring's sprout and Summer's flowers to become this other thing - often not as conventionally beautiful, sometimes hard and dry looking, often brown instead of vibrant green or delicate pink. The Yield requires being present and knowing when it is time to be an active participant in the process of collecting for yourself and your nourishment.

The same is true with yielding in a movement sense. To fully harvest our movement abilities as adults we must do what came more naturally to us as pre-verbal beings, we must let go of trying to force and control this body into a specific form or action and (re)discover that movement is easier, movement is integrated and natural, when we allow ourselves to move with the support of our planet. Embodied movement requires curiosity in relationship. The practice of embodiment invites us to renew our relationship with the gifts of connectivity given to us at conception and through our first few years of life.

Yes, yield is to harvest. It is also the capacity to slow down and give attention to the space to be aware of ourselves in relationship with whatever might be approaching. Yield is also one of the energetic components gifted to us as beings on a gravity planet as key to all bodily movement. Yield is necessary for the ability to Push. To practice Yielding is to practice the ability to relax, trust and allow the world to support us...to harvest our birthrights.

Letting go. Accepting. Yield.