A snippet Blog #1: Rae Johnson on Embodied Activism

Hello my Embodiment community -

a brief explanation of what follows: I have committed this Imbolc weekend and this first week of February to completing, filing, recycling, shedding, shredding and whatever other verb is appropriate to describe the action of clearing my office space of its clutter. As a result of this, I what I think plan to post what I think of as “snippet blogs” - brief blogs containing interviews, quotes, not fully formed but interesting thoughts, videos and articles that I have been a part of or was influenced by this past Autumn and Winter. These are interesting tidbits that I held on to because I wanted to share them with you folks - and find that NOW is the time!

The first snippet blog - and possibly most exciting for me - is on the significant topic of Embodied Activism, inspired by the linked article of the same name. As my first time back on the air as a programmer with KOPN’s feminist radio collective Women’s Issues Women’s Voices, I had the great honor of interviewing Rae Johnson, somatic educator and activist.

If this topic intrigues you, here are the links to part #1 and part #2 of this interview originally aired November 1, 2018 on Mid-Missouri’s only community radio station KOPN:

Part #1 VDay interview with Rae Johnson: Embodied Activism

Part #2 VDay interview with Rae Johnson: Embodied Activism

I would love for you to comment with your thoughts!