Breema - my experience and why I want to bring it to CoMo

On the surface, Breema looked like it was going to be something like Thai Massage.  After my initial paperwork and some conversation about what I was hoping to work on, Katherine invited me to lay down fully clothed on a very cushy pile of rugs and blankets.

Unlike my experiences with massage, I can't tell you what exactly happened during the session.  I remember being very aware of my breath as she gently moved my various body parts here and there.   It was comfortable.  I was relaxed.  I felt wholly supported. And yet, I do not remember anything of any certain significance happening.  I remember thinking "this is nice" but...

then I sat up after the session was over.

There really aren't words sufficient to describe my experience, but I will try. 

My chest was filled with a palpable, vibrating oblate spheroid of SELF-LOVE.  I was unable to speak.  It was, for me, feeling the presence of the Divine inside of me.  I just sat quietly for many minutes, reveling in this experience of bodily sensation unlike anything I'd ever known.  It wasn't just a thought of self-love or of feeling good.  It was solid, moving, living, embodied divine energy.  It was whole bodymind healing.

I want more.   And I'd really love to have a community of people in Columbia, MO who can share in this experience with me.

Because of these desires I have invited Katherine to bring Breema to our hometown!  As of today, three of us have committed to make this happen.  To ensure that we can cover the costs for her to come, we need at least four more people to register with payment by August 1st.  The space will hold twelve of us.

I do hope you will help me make this happen.  Click HERE for the details.