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Introduction to Embodied Communication: #2 of 3

  • will be provided upon registration (map)

This is one of three introductory sessions of Embodied Communication.

These sessions are open to any professional or student in a service field (such as counseling, massage, yoga,pre-med, school teacher, hair stylist, PT, etc) or any individual in a care-giving role who is interested in exploring a practice that supports slowing down, staying present with sensations, noticing patterns of response (internal and external) and learning ways to act/move/speak with more awareness and choice.


What is Embodied Communication?

Embodiment is the practice of recognizing that your body, breath and tissue, your sensations of your Self and your environment, is always and only in the present moment. Embodiment is the capacity to be present with the information of your sensations, emotions, and thoughts in THE present.

Communication is any of the ways that you share yourself, with others and with your self. Some ways that we communicate on a daily basis are verbally, energetically and in movement.

Embodied Communication is what Victoria calls her ever-evolving approach to self-awareness and self-care. It is a process of inquiry inspired by her work as a Laban Movement Analyst, influenced by her studies of various somatic traditions, including Bartenieff's Movement Fundamentals, Aposhyan's BodyMind Psychotherapy and Ragone’s BodyIntelligence, and informed by her experience working with individuals and groups within a trauma-informed, resiliency-focused framework and in processing her own life experiences..

Victoria shares this thought - “I believe that to claim and practice embodied communication is a radical form of activism, especially in these difficult times when our first impulse may be to shut down, to turn away or to maintain a constant state of agitation. Exploring and practicing what I call embodied communication has been a key component to maintaining my mental and physical health. It has been especially important for those times when I am in close contact with people throughout my day and/or when interacting in situations that have the potential of being overwhelming to me.”


While these three introductory sessions will be separate unique offerings, they will also each contain consistent information about the practice. You can attend one, two or three. November 10 and 24, December 15. Pre-registration requested, as space is limited.

Cost for non-students: $25 for each session or $60 for all three/Cost for students: sliding scale $10 -15 for each session Register by Venmo @EmbodimentLLC or P.O. Box 118, Columbia, MO 65205-0118

These introductory sessions will be followed by a six-month offering of the Embodied Communication Practice & Study Group in which a small group of interested, committed individuals will commit to meet approximately every three weeks to explore these concepts more deeply. The practice & study group will involve outside reading assignments & movement practice to inspire the somatic movement exercises & discussion we will share in when we meet.