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Embodying Resilience in a Swiftly-Moving World - Columbia, MO

  • Heart Body and Soul Columbia, MO United States (map)

To “embody” yourself means that you are able to slow down and recognize that your body, your breath and tissue, your sensations of self and the environment, is always only in the present. The physical body has no choice but to be in the moment!

To embody allows you to recognize your thoughts, emotions, and spirit in relation to your sensory body. It allows you to let go of past and future and be in your Self in the present, to make choices and take actions from a grounded place of clarity within your Self.

Join Victoria for this healing, nurturing evening of practicing being fully within yourself in the present moment, whether alone or with others - a great skill to have and to hone, in general, but especially when negotiating the many demands of the holiday season.

No experience required. You will be invited to go only as fast as the slowest part of your feels safe to go! Dress in layers. Bring what you need to be comfortable sitting or lying on the floor as well as to move around space as you are able. Chairs are available for those who need them for comfort. This event is accessible to all who are interested.

Why is Embodiment important to me?

  • Embodiment allows me to better understand my own needs, desires, thoughts, stories, and feelings.

  • Embodiment helps me to improve and enjoy my relationships with others, staying present even when we can’t see eye to eye.

  • Embodiment helps connect me to the environment--to be in touch with the earth under my feet, the air that my body breathes, the fire of the sun, and the pull of the waters.

  • To claim and practice embodiment is a radical form of activism, especially in these difficult times when my impulse and coping tool may be to shut down or turn away--or to be in a constant state of agitation

Join Victoria for her first offering in Columbia, MO of this new movement form that brings together many exciting threads of diverse and dynamic mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing practices!

$30 payable to Heart, Body and Soul

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