What you can expect from the movement form Tranceformotion:

  • Use of  a conscious specific breathing technique designed to enhance trance state.
  • Preparatory facilitated movement related to a clearly stated intention.
  • Non-judgmental and safe facilitation. 
  • Moving while blindfolded.
  • A unique musical soundtracks collected specifically to support the stated intention.
  • A conscious trained embodied facilitator who serves to not only maintain physical safety but also to hold space as a Deep Witness.
  • Safely and slowly moving your body parts and whole body in both familiar and new patterns
  • Making the unconscious more conscious.
  • Inspiration, invitation, support.
  • An opportunity to play and enjoy moving your body
  • Trusting yourself to move with others as a group without the use of visual sight.
  • Integration and transition time to prepare you to move yourself back into your everyday world

In addition, although many precautions are in place to maintain your physical safety while moving, including physical sensory boundaries on the floor, a limit to the number of participants, and a sighted witness who oversees the entire event, the expectation is that you will move in ways that take care of yourself and minimize harmful physical interactions with the other participants. 

If you have any concerns about your ability to move safely while blindfolded, please contact Victoria before registering for a Tranceformotion event.