Tranceformotion is a unique blend of unscripted body movement, explicit intention, rhythmic music, transformational breathing and the innovative use of a blindfold or bandana to stimulate a shamanic trance-like state that promotes healing, mental clarity, physical regeneration, creative inspiration and an overall sense of well-being.  Tranceformotion is based on the movement form Trance Dance created by Wilbert Alix as taught to Victoria by Leyla Castro, and is then deeply influenced by Victoria's work with Laban Movement Analysis, mindfulness, authentic movement and ecstatic ritual.

By dancing within the seclusion of darkness participants discover untapped layers (of themselves, of the cosmos) where solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems are possible. Through this process you become both more embodied and less tied to your physical limitations:  you become more like spirit, and simultaneously less attached to life's ordinary difficulties.  This type of intentional movement provides us a key to the door of the metaphorical room where we keep information so often not available to us except in dreams, ritual and trance.

No experience is required; however, because of the unique nature of this work Victoria asks all participants to meet for a 30 minutes pre-interview at some point before committing to be involved in this movement form.   In addition, this movement form asks you to move while blindfolded.  If you have any concerns about your ability to move safely while blindfolded, please discuss with Victoria in your pre-interview before registering for a Tranceformotion event. During the event it is best if participants dress in layers and for comfort while moving.  Victoria invites participants to move with bare feet; however, soft-soled shoes can be worn for mover’s comfort.  

Tranceformotion is currently offered approximately every six weeks in a safe, welcoming movement space in Columbia, MO.   Victoria is also available to facilitate private group sessions of Tranceformotion designed specifically for you and your community.