For those interested in a more focused, more personalized exploration of embodiment, Victoria offers private sessions.  These sessions are about you, your body and your movement.   

Once we have had an initial assessment to clarify your unique challenge or the desire you wish to explore, you will be offered a individualized plan of exercises, movement concepts and sequences for you to practice at home as well as to explore in session.  The intent of these individualized sessions is to provide you with a place to safely learn and try out movement skills unique to your needs so that you feel more confident about practicing them at home and putting them to use in in your daily life.

The types of challenges that you might want to work on with me could include: 

  • expanding body awareness

  • creating and establishing an embodied mindfulness practice

  • improving skill at your favorite or a new activity including but not limited to sports, meditation, yoga, playing musical instruments, gardening, tai chi, dancing! (If you are specifically interested in starting or deepening your yoga practice, please ask about my Mindful Asanas private session offering: fee scale varies from below.)

  • more efficiently using your body during daily functional activities like walking, sitting, driving your car, cooking, etc

  • deepening your comfort with your own choreography, art, performance or public speaking creations

  • enhancing your presence in communication and other human interaction

  • better integrating your emotions and attitudes with your movement choices and actions

These sessions are educational and movement oriented.  They are done fully clothed.

The intention of this work is to support you in finding deeper connections to your own body, including but not limited to:

  • deepening your awareness of sensations and emotions

  • expanding your movement possibilities functionally and expressively

  • identifying and re-organizing movement patterns due to a variety of causes

  • shifting energetic blockages, including those that are artistic, creative, emotional, mental, physical or spiritual in nature

  • developing a personal embodied practice for more integration, resiliency and health

This is not physical or mental health counseling therapy, it is something known as “repatterning”; however, challenging experiences can sometimes arise from this type of somatic work that are beyond the scope of your work with me as a CMA (Certified Movement Analyst). Although I do provide space within this form for these issues to be processed and I do bring my knowledge as a licensed professional counselor into all my work, my intent is to keep our sessions focused on somatic movement exploration. I will ask that you combine our work with additional professional support if I feel that you would be better served working with other specialized professionals in the community, especially if you are experiencing severe physical or emotional pain.  Likewise, the type of body-based work that I offer can be a valuable addition to other psycho-therapeutic and physical therapies and counseling, as well as other hands-on and healing modalities.  If we decide that you need additional support, I am happy to refer you to various really talented folks with specialized skills in the Columbia/Boone County area.

Please contact Victoria to discuss how private embodiment sessions could be an added part of your healing process.


Introductory Conversation - 30 Minutes - Complimentary

Initial Full Assessment - Session One - 75 minutes - $100
Four session commitment - 50 minutes each - $260/four
Individual session commitment - 50 minutes each - $75/one

Questions to reflect on if you’re curious about this type of work:

  • Are you interested in a supportive, safe container where you can bring your whole self to explore more connection and integration?

  • Do you want to feel a more grounded, energetic connection in your body with more satisfaction and less anxiety?

  • What is the relationship between your lower body and your upper body?

  • Do you want a deeper sense of power in yourself and your body?

  • What is your relationship to your pelvic floor? to your scapula? to your nervous system?

  • Are you as resilient in thought, emotion and action as you would like?

  • Do you desire to be more creative, more graceful, more resilient but are not sure how?

  • Do you seek more ease in your responses to your thoughts and emotions or to other people and the world?

  • Do you yearn to live more fully, laugh more freely, express yourself more easily and move with more confidence?

If the answer is "YES" to any of these, contact Victoria to set up a complimentary 30 minute conversation to discuss the possibility of working together to support you in your goal of living life more fully.